Children's clothing & accessories  March 4th-6th

Early Bird Pre-Sale Friday March 4th 7pm-9pm

$10.00 entry fee proceeds benefiting the injured 4th grader and her family from North Harlem Elementary

Saturday March 5th 9am-4pm

Sunday March 6th Noon-2pm(some items discounted 50%)

Registration is now open!!!

Please make sure to verify your phone number and address upon registration.

We have moved to the Snelling Center @ Goodwill


Thank you so much for your interest in ReQoop Consignment. Our goal is to help you recoup some of the money you have invested in your valuables while also helping you find treasures for yourself or your home without paying top dollar for them.  Check out our latest changes on our "News" tab.

ReQoop Fine Consignment is owned and operated by Elizabeth and Michael Mendoza.  ReQoop currently hosts Home Decor and Fine Furnishing shows and and Children Fine Clothing shows.  ReQoopers set their own prices and are paid 65% of the selling price. From beginning to end, it all takes less than a week and payment is mailed within 10-14 business days.

If you are interested in consigning with us, sign up on the "Register Here" tab.  You can also find all information regarding what to consign, how to tag, how to price, etc under the  "Consignor" tab. The FAQ tab answers frequently asked questions by both consignors and shoppers.

Our customers love ReQoop because they know they will get quality merchandise. All items are organized in an appealing manner, making it easier to shop. And, most important, ReQoop strives for excellent service to both consigners and customers.

ReQoop also offers to the consignor delivery of unsold items to a local charity for donation, as well as donating funds collected from our PreSale Events.  This benefits the consignor as well as the community. We hope you choose to become a "ReQooper" and we look forward to seeing you at our next show!

The Snelling Center
3165 Washington Road
Goodwill Shopping Center
Augusta, GA